learningcentral-logo learningCentral  is a multi-channel platform compatible with all the e-learning standards included the innovative X-API. Launch all on-line, on-site and blended courses and obtain detailed tracking reports about users activities.


  • Reduce training costs
  • Quick and easy set up process
  • Customisable and scalable
  • Compatible with all e-learning courses
  • Interoperability

C_centralrKey features               

  • Create training plans and individual sessions
  • Manage different kind if activities: SCORM, TinCan, Video,Link, Classroom WebConference, file sharing, Assessment
  • Communications via surveys ,notifications, forums, classrooms
  • Analyse training progress with detailed reports



learningCentral has an app that allows your students to learn offline. They simply download their assigned training onto their smartphone or tablet, the application records all progress and synchronizes with the platform once back online.