Classroom Training

With Talento also classroom training becomes innovative

Theory is always followed by practice, exercises, case studies and simulations. The tutorials are designed to develop knowledge, in particular for everyday work tasks. The teaching methods used vary from classroom courses to e-Learning solutions till innovative approaches that integrate both models.

Custom solutions start from the analysis of the current situation and the definition of the objectives to design specific training programs and improve the performance of the organization.

Custom Coursewares

When companies have to face relevant organizational change processes or when they want to include aspects related to their specific field of interest, Talento answers with tailored training projects, also on-site .

The projects start with a deep training needs analysis conducted with rigorous methodologies focusin on the interrelations between technological, organizational and educational sides. Content, duration and planning are the main focus oft he investigation, conducted with managers and subject matter experts of the client.

In designing and planning are taken into account different modes of intervention: classroom training, e-Learning, integrated approach (blended ); final choice is usually a mix of options in order to cover  specific needs.