ECM Projects

Talento is the ideal partner for ECM FAD projects that allow you to: • Reduce the organizational problems and the costs of the frontal educational programs • Transfer structured information, anytime, anywhere, in different ways, by ensuring access to the necessary information, when you really need • Increase the effectiveness of training, even with collaborative learning and simulation environments. • Reduce significantly the time necessary for the implementation of health learning projects In fact, Talento has been concerned for many years of training in health having realized dozens of projects for leading scientific and pharmaceutical companies; handles the entire project cycle: creation multimedia and e-learning course, AGENAS accreditation, delivery through web platform, issuing credits, support and assistance to learners. Talento using its own platform dedicated to the ECM (, creates environments dedicated to project with references to partners and sponsors. Talento is regularly accreditated as ECM provider – registration number #488, for residential and distance learning projects.