e-Learning Catalogs

libreriaThe catalogs are an important part of the offer of e-learning courses; they are products ready for delivery (off the shelf), payable as a web service or loaded on the client platform. Talento has a wide choice of catalog courses coming from its design and development laboratories or from partnerships with leading market players. Both kind of courses are characterized by high communicative and formative quality, update on the issue of reference and technological compatibility with the various market platforms.

  • ECDL and Microsoft suite (over 30 titles from Talento catalogue)
  • Legal obligations (+ 30 modules from Talento catalogue)
  • IT, Leadership, Business, Education, Talent Management, Project Management (+ 1,500 titles from SkillSoft catalogue)
  • Languages (+ 200 titles, 6 languages from Capturator catalogue ​​)
  • Management (+ 200 titles from the Netex catalogue)