learningSocial learningSocial is a platform that extend the learning experience using the power of social networks. Create learning communities, take part in debates, interact with other users with the same interests, write articles and much more.

PDF_social Strenghts

  • Increase productivity within your organization
  • Enhance knowledge management
  • Improve human capital management
  • Enrich communication
  • Reduce costs

C_social Key features

  • Fully configurable with logo and corporate colors
  • Comprehensive reporting system to know exactly what is happening in your network
  • Communications is enabled by istant messaging, chats, forums, microbloggings, blogs
  • learningSocial recommends content to users based on their interests and profile
  • Fully configurablesystem for each organization where badges and points are awarded to users according to how they take part and contribute to the community in a gamification based engagement system